16 July 2008

Tone is Subtle

Using colour tones can be effective in subtle way. A lot of interesting things happen with the eye when we look at tonal colour shifts and you can achieve good results with this simple technique. Play around with colour tones and see what you can do.

05 July 2008

Cool Pool

Try taking photos of water with the sun shining on it for a cool and light visual experience. If you focus on the surface of the water you will get a beautiful abstract play of form and colour as well as the feeling of coolness!

27 May 2008

Colour - Don't Be Afraid

Use colour freely and find what works and what doesn't. Some colour relationships have enormous impact on a viewers mood. Work it!

16 April 2008

Flourishing Fonts

For a beautiful effect with text you can use a font with flourishes and swirls to create more interesting type in your designs. Mix up the fonts and exaggerate the first letter as in this example.

06 April 2008

Subtle Tone Evokes Pleasure

Tones, or variations on hue/colour, can make pleasing design statements. With experimentation, many things become possible. Shapes, text, floral and other decorative objects can be built in layers to create beautiful effects.

28 March 2008


Empty space is an ally of graphic design. A lot of information can be conveyed through the use of space and placement of text or objects in strategic places within the space. This example is a powerful method for drawing attention to the text message.

21 March 2008

The Edge

Usually, images are placed within the frame, but by placing images against the edge of the frame you can create powerful graphic design images. Try using different types of image for various effects.